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Rubber Lined Spools


Rubber Lined Spools



Rubber lined spool is steel or other hard material spool with inside wearing resistant, corrosion resistant or heat resistant rubber as liner to reduce the impact or corrosion from the media by its own physical and chemical properties of rubber. The benefit of energy absorption significantly increase the service life of the pipe line and this will dramatically reduce the end user’s cost.


Rubber Lining Workshop


SDPipe is well equipped with fully set-up rubber lining workshop for both hot curing and cold bonding rubber lining process. We can supply spools with different liners according to your unique application and requirement. Hot curing rubber lined spool is cost-effective product with extremely high bonding strength which suits all the general application. And Premium Linatex cold bonding rubber lined pipe can give you remarkable wear resistant performance to fit your high wearing application.


Primary Cyclone Feed Pipe Line


SDPipe delivers batches of pipes and spools to Sino Iron of CITIC Pacific Mining include Primary cyclone feed pipe line (PCFD), Secondary cyclone underflow pipe line, tailing pipe line and etc. The PCFD pipe line, as the most wearing area, is lined by 25mm Linatex Premium nature rubber to give the best performance. And the tailing pipe line uses normal nature rubber with hot bonding process as liner.


If you have any inquiry about the rubber lined spools, please feel free to contact Shuangda so that we can provide you a professional solution.

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