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Two Component Solvent-free Epoxy Resin Pipe

Product type-description:

Two component solvent-free epoxy resin pipe made by our company takes common carbon steel pipe as matrix,coated with a layer of two component solvent-free epoxy resin.It has certain corrosion resistance.
The coating material is two component solvent-free epoxy resin provided by PPG company--manufacturer of International well-known paint brand. Airless spraying technology, one-step moulding,the thickness can reach 300-600um.Holland KTWA Drinking Water Certification, the United States C210 AWWA Drinking Water Certification.


Main application:

1.seawater desalination project
2.marine drinking water tank
3.domestic drinking water transport
4.plant industrial water transport


Product Advantages:

1.solvent-free epoxy resin,100% solid content,green environmental protection moulding,smooth surface,good medium flowability
3.strong adhesion,impact resistance and wear resistance,not easy to fall off
4.light weight,convenient assemble and transportation
5.strong anti-chloride function