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Plastic-lined Composite Pipe

Product type-description:

Plastic-lined steel pipe takes ordinary carbon steel as matrix, by drawing composite or rotational molding.It has both mechanical properties of steel pipe, and corrosion resistance of plastic pipe.Slow scaling, not easy to grow microorganisms.It’s an ideal pipe for conveying media of strong acid,strong alkali,salt and corrosive gas,etc.Food grade polypropylene lining can be used in food, medicine, drinking water and other industries.



1.excellent physical properties;
2.excellent corrosion resistance;
3.hygienic, non-poisonous,no microorganisms, ensure the quality of fluid;
4.It is widely used in medium transportation,environmental treatment system, water engineering and water supply and drainage engineering of petroleum, chemical, nuclear power, chemical fiber, chlor-alkali, dye, pesticide, medicine, environmental protection, metallurgy, electric power and other industries.


Product performance:

Temperature:-15℃~+80℃( highest working temperature of modified polyethylene:+105℃)
Pressure: positive pressure +2.5Mpa,negative pressure at normal temperature:75Kpa
Corrosion resistance:For non-oxidizing acid(hydrochloric acid, thin sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid),dilute nitric acid,alkali and brine solution,it has good corrosion resistance;but it is not resistant to concentrated nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acidand otherstrong oxidants;for organic solvent,general corrosion resistance is good.
Typical application:Suitable for general corrosive medium transport, and more suitable for domestic water and drinking cold water delivery.water delivery without affecting the water quality, meet the health requirements.Water delivery meets sanitary requirement and does not affect water quality.


Production range:

1.Nominal Diameter:DN20mm—DN1200mm(Large-diameter pipe can reach 12m).

2.All kinds of non - standard elbows,tees and reducings. 

3.Can be prefabricated according to user requirements.