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Slag crusher

Chemical Equipment

Products Function:

Slag Crusher is a key equipment which is between the bottom of the gasifier quench chamber and lock-hopper.It’s used to crush outsize slags,coal ash or deciduous firebrick in order to ensure that the gasifier can discharge slags smoothly and operate continuously over a long period of time. The power unit of slag crusher(hydraulic and crushing system)provides power for deslagging and continuous operation.


Crushing Strength:≤186MPa
Water-carrying Capacity:≤600m3/h
Solid Content:≤60m3/h
Application:Slag crusher can support the use of coal-water slurry gasification and coal-water slurry gasification.


Technical Proposal:

Slag crusher uses imported piston pump and hydraulic motor to achieve low speed, high torque hydraulic drive.
The system is provided with an overflow valve, which can be automatically unloaded when the load exceeds the allowable limit to ensure safety.
In automatic mode, slag crusher can realize positive tooth and reverse operation;from pressure switch to reverse working, time can be set between 15s ~ 0.5s(factory set:2s),reverse phase can also be set between 0.5s and 15s(factory set reverse continuity:10s,reverse jammed:2s).
After reverse operation, the driving device of slag crusher automatically recovers positive rotation direction, and when positive and reverse number exceeds a certain number of times, slag crusher automatically stops and alarms.
Manual mode realizes positive tooth and reverse operation by manual control.


Proprietary Technology:

1.Multi-direction adjustable and freely rotary mobile car.( patent number: ZL201420150491.3)
2.Double and reliable rotary tool holder.( patent number:ZL201420514346.9)
3.Reliable design for shaft seal.Special surface treatment for shaft sleeve.Hardness≥70HRC.4.Surface overlaying of dynamic&static tool holder is abrasion-resistant alloy;surface hardness is 55-58HRC.