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OHF/C Type Petrochemical Process Pump

Product type-description:

  OHF/C type petrochemical process pump is a centrifugal pump of horizontal type, single-stage, single suction and cantilever type.It’s designed as API610 standard,OH1/OH2 type.This series of pumps is designed strictly in accordance with the standard in terms of pump support, bearing arrangement, reservation interface, cooling and washing, cavity structure etc.Plan reasonably,enhance the universality of components,reduce maintenance time and numbers or types of spare parts,reserve temperature, vibration, pressure testing interface,enhance the level of intelligent monitoring of the pump and improve equipment reliability coefficient.This series of pumps has good hydraulic power,comprehensive spectrum,high efficiency and anti-cavitation.According to a large number of experimental data combined with hydraulic analysis software,its hydraulic performance reaches current international advanced level.According to different working conditions,OH series pump is equipped with many kinds of structure, so that the best configuration achieves in all working conditions.Pumps with different configurations all have API standard seal chamber sizes, you can set different seal combination forms.




Capacity:2.5~2600 m3/h
Head: ~300m
Application:The series pump is suitable for conveying clean or particle-containing, neutral or corrosive as well as flammable and explosive media. It is widely used in petrochemical, coal chemical industry, oil refining plant, various types of power plants, and various water treatment plants.

Cross-section Diagram:



1.Body cover, impeller are set seal rings in strict accordance with of API610 specified hardness and clearance, to ensure efficiency and stability, improve service life and reduce the replacement of spare parts
2.Center support for a wide range of temperature, 5.0MPa design pressure. Volute structure, double volute structure is adopted when outlet is over 80mm, self-balanced radial force reduces rotor deflection.
3.API682 standard seal chamber size,and different seal forms can be configured according to user requirements.
4.Interfaces of bearing temperature measuring, oil chamber temperature measuring and bearings vibration measurement are reserved for user monitoring.
5.API610 standard bearing configuration.Back-to-back installation of a pair of angular contact ball bearings or a pair of conical roller bearings and a cylindrical roller bearing  bear residual radial force and axial force.
6.Maze dust-proof plate or mechanical oil seal can be selected.It can effectively prevent dust entering the box to cause damage to the bearing, and also prevent leakage of lubricating oil, thus improve bearing life.
7.Auxiliary foot support---also can cancel the support.
8.Oil splashing lubrication makes bearing lubrication more uniform and reliable; cooling fins are arranged outside the box to expand heat radiating area and reduce bearing temperature.
9.The design pressure of pump cover is the same as pump body, and the strength and rigidity of pump cover is strictly calculated. Reserved cooling ( heat preservation) chamber make the pump and seal be applied to a wider field.
10.Excellent hydraulic model makes the pump stable, efficient, and high-anti cavitation. Balanced hole structure balances axial force; chuck structure of impeller nut ensures locking.